The WiseGuy Dinner Show

The WiseGuy Dinner Show

FRI., May 19th, 2017

Cost: $45 per person
Includes: Appetizers, Plated Salad, Plated Dinner, Plated Dessert, and Bar Service Available

6:30 PM - 7 PM Cocktail Social & Seating
7 PM - 8 PM Dinner is Served
8 PM Show Starts

Patrons of our Musical Comedy “The Wiseguy Kitchen Live Show” will follow the shenanigans behind the scenes and in front of the cameras as the former mob boss, turns reality star Big Vinny, aka The Wiseguy Chef and his crew, try to go legit. During the performance of his cooking show, The Wiseguy Chef tries to teach his patrons how to prepare delicious Italian American cuisine. While Vinny tries to teach his patrons how to cook, his motley crew is stirring up plenty of trouble on their own, you will soon get the idea once you are seated in the audience!

There’s music, comedy, singing, and a chance to sample the freshly cooked food of chef Vinny!

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