Frequently Asked Questions: Food Service

Does Spectacular Event Center do all of the catering on site?

Yes, we do all of our own catering. We have the largest working kitchen in the Bangor Area and are able to accommodate either small or large orders from simple to elaborate.

Am I able to bring in my own food and beverage for an event?

Due to food regulation laws we cannot allow any outside food or beverage to be brought into the facility, except for wedding cake or cupcakes.

If there is something we would like but it is not on your menu, can you accommodate that?

Of course. We have a professional culinary team and a full time kitchen staff that can accommodate any request.

May I do a taste test?


Do you offer both buffet and sit-down style dinners?

We do offer both options. It is up to your personal taste which type of dinner you would like. For your convenience, our menu gives the different buffet and sit-down dinner options.

When do you require the final guest count for meals?

We do require a final guest count 7-10 days before your event in order for us to appropriately staff the event and for food ordering purposes. However, your count may go up until the day prior to your event.

Do you offer customized menus?

Yes. Every event is different and has different expectations. Every menu can be customized to fit the event and budget perfectly!

With your catering services, do you offer coffee and other beverages of choice?

Yes. We offer a self service coffee station in all three ballrooms in the facility and other beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, punch, soft drinks, bottled water, champagne, cider, etc. We can accommodate to any beverage you would like, especially seasonal drinks such as eggnog, apple cider, or elaborate iced coffee bar with specialty flavorings.

Does Spectacular Event Center offer a delivery service?

Yes. We have a full delivery menu for business lunches, home parties or business meetings. We also can staff a delivery event and do all the set up and clean up as well if you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions: Weddings

Do you have seasonal rates?

Yes, we offer discounts for weddings on Fridays and Sundays all year round as well as significant discounts for those weddings in the “off-season” during the months of November through April.

Can we get married there?

Yes, the Spectacular Event Center has a beautiful Gazebo and grass area behind the facility for couples to exchange their vows. We also offer the option to get married inside of our facility as well.

Is there an archway or any extra decoration that is supplied for an indoor ceremony?

Yes, we offer a floral archway for use for indoor ceremonies as well as white isle running pillars and other floral décor to make your ceremony extra special.

Would you be able to suggest other wedding vendors such as Cake Makers, DJ’s, Day Spa’s, etc.?

Absolutely. We work closely with many different wedding vendors and have a list put together with a variety of different vendors for your convenience.

Are we able to have a taste test?

Yes, we can do a taste test if you would like to before your reception!

Does the Spectacular Event Center provide all the tables, chairs and linens?

Yes, we provide all of your tables, chairs and linens. We have a variety of different tables such as rounds, cafe, banquets, serpentines and cocktail tables to suit your needs. We offer more then 21 different colors of napkins and host many specialty linen selections.

Do you provide a variety of linen choices and colors?

Yes, the Spectacular Event Center has a wide variety of linen choices, from to the floor table cloths, as well as, endless possibilities of colored cloths to fit your color scheme!

What choices of Head Table set ups do you have to select from?

The possibilities are endless! We have a variety of different tables that can be made into very unique styles or the basic long banquet table style. Whatever you can dream up, we can do!

What kinds of centerpieces are provided, if any?

The Spectacular Event Center does provide a wide variety of centerpieces for your convenience that are included in the cost of two of our ballroom packages.

What makes your venue so different from others?

At the Spectacular Event Center we do it all here. We provide all of your catering, facility and décor needs for your event. We provide professional Event Coordinators to help you along with your event whether it is a Wedding Reception or Business Meeting. We have a variety of creative services from our food to our ballroom which makes us truly unique. With over a combined 25 years of Hospitality and Event Service Experience we plan, prepare and execute seamlessly.

Do you provide a full service bar?

Yes. We have built-in full service bars in all three of our ballrooms. We can accommodate a cash bar or open bar and guests are able to run tabs throughout the evening. We host a large selection of spirits from house brands to premium liquors as well as a wide variety of bottled beers and wines.

If there is something specific we would like at the bar can that be accommodated?

Yes. If you would like a certain type of alcoholic beverage that we don’t have on hand, we can certainly accommodate to most requests. Due to our liquor license laws, unfortunately, you may not bring in your own beverages.

Does the Spectacular Event Center provide all of the catering needs?

Yes. We provide all the food and beverage that you would need for your event. If there is something that we don’t have, we can most likely get it. Our menu is unlimited. We have full time kitchen staff that can accommodate most any menu.

How long do you allot the ballroom for a wedding reception?

Our typical ballroom rental for a wedding reception is 4 hours. However, additional hours can be added for an extra fee.

Does the Spectacular Event Center take care of all the set-up and clean-up?

Yes, we don’t want you to have to worry about anything to do with set-up or clean-up for your event. We strive to make your special day as worry free as it can be. We take care of it all. You enjoy and we’ll take care of it all, even the dishes!

Do you provide full service cake cutting and serving to our wedding guests?

Absolutely. The Spectacular Event Center takes care of cutting your wedding cake and provides white-gloved serving to all of your guests.

Are table numbers provided for our reception?

Yes, the Spectacular Event Center provides table numbers for your reception if you are having assigned seating for your guests.

Do you have any special lighting to make our reception unique?

Yes, we have a variety of specialty lighting to make your reception that much more spectacular! A staff member would be happy to explain these options to you!

Are there certain ballroom packages to choose from for my wedding reception?

Yes, we offer three different ballroom packages for wedding receptions. Each package provides slightly different elements to accommodate to most preferences!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments of Cash, Check and all Major Credit Cards

May I host a rehearsal dinner at your facility also?

Absolutely. We can accommodate any type of rehearsal dinner and make it as simple or extravagant as you would like. We can also create a themed rehearsal with food and decoration, making it extra special and FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions: General

Does the Spectacular Event Center provide Audio Visual equipment for functions?

Yes, we have all of your Audio Visual needs from Lapel Microphones, 60” Televisions, Sound Adapters, multiple microphone hookups and much more.

Who do I make checks payable to?

Spectacular Event Center

395 Griffin Road

Bangor, Maine 04401

How far does the Spectacular Event Center & Catering deliver?

We deliver approximately a 10 mile radius within the greater Bangor region for our lunch delivery menu.

Are there off season rates available?

Yes, please speak to one of our sales staff to help you with this.

Is there wireless internet throughout your facility?

Yes, wireless internet is available throughout the building at no extra charge.

How many ballrooms does your facility host?

We have three ballrooms, accommodating 25-900 guests.

Is there a carport for inclement weather?

Yes, we do have a carport for your convenience.

Do you allow for your entire building to be rented out for one party?

Absolutely. One party can rent out the entire building for any part of a day or evening.

What is the earliest and latest time an event can be held?

There are no set open or close times because we cater to our customers needs. Whatever time your event needs to be happening, we will be there!

Is there air conditioning throughout the entire building?

Absolutely. There is air conditioning throughout all three ballrooms, as well as, the rotunda-styled lobby area.

Are there a variety of set up styles and ways to make my event unique and exciting?

Yes. Here at the Spectacular Event Center, we strive to make every event as exciting and unique as the coordinator wants. We have many creative ideas regarding set up styles and decorating options to make your event stand out from the rest.

Does the Spectacular Event Center offer a variety of linen choices and colors available to choose from?

Yes, the Spectacular Event Center offers a wide variety of linen selections, from to the floor table cloths, as well as, endless possibilities of colored cloths to fit your color scheme!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments of Cash, Check and all Major Credit Cards.

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