Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Spectacular Photo Booth different from others?

Our Photo Booth has a very unique ROUND design. Unlike other Photo Booths, which are rectangular or square in shape, ours is a complete circle with a 6’ diameter. Our Photo Booth can also be multiple colors to match your event.

What color is your Photo Booth?

Our Photo Booth Exterior is Black with Grey Velour Curtains around the doorways.

How does it work?

It’s so fun! Walk into the booth with up to 6 people, grab some of our props (if you choose to), gather in front of the monitor where you will see yourselves posing, follow the prompts on the 19’’ touch screen, step out of the booth, wait for about 10 seconds and Voila! Your photo is there!

How long do I wait for the printed pictures to come out?

Approximately 10 seconds.

Can I add my customization to the photo print?

Absolutely, we can discuss what you would like printed on the photo strips!

Do you travel with the Photo Booth?

This Photo Booth is strictly for events that take place inside the Spectacular Event Center building.

How long will it take to get the CD of photos from my event?

Please allow up to two weeks to receive your disc of photos. Often times it will be within one week, but depending on how busy our calendar is, we like to request a two week lead time.

What is the deposit needed to reserve the Photo Booth?

A non-refundable $300 deposit is required at the time the contract is signed to reserve the Photo Booth for your event.

When is final payment due?

Final payment for the Photo Booth is due 14 days (2 weeks) before the event date.

Do you print Color or Black & White photos?

When your guests are in the Photo Booth, they have an option to choose Color or Black & White on the touchscreen monitor.

How many photos is my event allowed?

Events are allowed unlimited prints with this Photo Booth except those events with over 200 guests. There will be an extra $100 charge for those with over 200 guests to accommodate extra prints.

What is the scrapbook that is included in the package?

Our Photo Booth host will have a table set up with writing and cutting implements. He/she will assist your guests, as needed, with posting one or more photos onto the guestbook pages. Your guests can then inscribe a personal message to you alongside their photo(s). It’s great casual fun and will be both hysterical and heartwarming to look back on years from now. Most people prefer this over the traditional guestbook.

What are the dimensions of the Photo Booth?

Our uniquely designed round Photo Booth has a 6’ diameter.

I can use disposable cameras, why should I use a Photo Booth at my Wedding Reception?

Simple, because you’re guaranteed a return on your investment and it is a much more interactive and fun experience for your guests. You will receive a CD with all of your photos and in addition, your guests have a favor to take home with them to remember your special day!

How much do you charge for idle hours?

We never charge for idle hours. You are paying for a package price which includes a certain number of hours.

Can we get a copy of all the photos?

Absolutely. We will give you a CD of all the photos that your guests had taken that way you can have them to do with as you please. This is all included in the package price.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, the Spectacular Event Center has insurance.

What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the booth during my event?

Our Photo Booth is contracted to run at least 80% of the time. The other 20% of time may be used for replenishing paper and supplies. If no replenishing is needed, the Photo Booth will run non-stop throughout the duration of your event.

How can we enhance the photo strip to be a lasting favor for our guests?

We offer Photo Strip Acrylic Frames that you can purchase separate to give to your guests to make their photo strip last even longer and so it can be displayed. Please inquire for pricing.

Does our rental include a booth attendant?

Yes, our company prides itself on encouraging your guests to join in on the photo booth fun. A professionally dressed, friendly attendant(s) will be present during the entire photo booth experience period to ensure you and your guests maximize your photo booth experience.

Can we see the Photo Booth before our event?

Of course, you are welcome to come in the facility to view the Photo Booth. The Photo Booth is not set up at all times, so please just let us know when you would like to come by so we can coordinate the our schedules to make sure the Photo Booth is set up.

What background color does the Photo Booth have?

There are multiple colors that you can choose from: Black, Grey or Red.

What if our event gets too rowdy?

If your guests at the event are becoming potentially abusive to the Photo Booth, Spectacular Event Center reserves the right to shut down the Photo Booth for the duration of the event to prevent damage or to make a formal announcement at their discretion.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have ANY other questions that we can help you with!

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